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Come learn about the power, pitfalls and promise of the adolescent brain.

Latest research shows that the adolescent brain is NOT a smaller adult brain!


We used to think that early childhood was the single most important period of brain development. We now know that adolescence is a second,uniquely important period.


Find out what adolescents and adults can do to protect and maximize the 
potential of the adolescent brain during this time of incredible growth. 


STUDENTS will learn:
  • Why the brain is responsible for the dramatic changes that take place during adolescence.

  • How to protect your brain while seeking out new experiences, enjoying thrills and taking risks.

ADULTS will learn:
  • How and why the adolescent brain is significantly different from the adult brain.

  • What recent research tells us about the effects of sleep deprivation, drug use, screen time, and stress on the development of the adolescent brain.

  • Strategies you can use to support the healthy development of your child’s brain.

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